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About Jarrah Venables

Jarrah Venables has over fifteen years of professional experience in the motor sport and collectors car industries, but a lifetime immersed in them. He grew up surrounded by all manner of fantastic cars and quickly developed his father's passion for everything related to them. His main areas of expertise include the events industry, brokerage and research with each holding special appeal in their own way.


Jarrah has spearheaded content creation at events ranging from the smallest to the largest of their type and delivered world-class results time and again. He spent nearly a decade overseeing automotive content at Goodwood's renowned Festival of Speed and Revival events. This high-pressure role required working with a wide range of people from collectors to restorers, VIP drivers/riders, sponsors, auctioneers, freight specialists, insurance underwriters, historians and the media. With over 1000 vehicular entries across both events the role dealt with an incredible variety of vehicles. Many amazing experiences were created for hundreds of thousands of fans and numerous memories along the way. His time at Goodwood was certainly rich in depth and variety!

Jarrah closed his chapter at Goodwood in 2013 to pursue new challenges. This led him to found his own company so that he could cater to the needs of collectors and event organisers around the world. He enjoys a vast international network of strong relationships with individuals ranging from the biggest collectors/organisers, to the greatest drivers.  In particular he focuses on sourcing and selling some of the world’s most collectible cars, historical research and collection management. Additionally, through founding the Endurance Racing Legends club, Jarrah ensured that endurance racing cars of the 1990s/2000s were embraced as the youngest category in historic motorsport. 

A lifelong exposure to and passion for such special cars, motor sport and their history ensures he has an unyielding enthusiasm to constantly exceed expectations. When not in his office Jarrah can either be found racing at or attending one of the plethora of car events around the world, or enjoying time with his family at their favourite local beach in West Sussex, England.

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