1991 Porsche 962 CK6

Chassis 962 CK6/09

  • 1 of 14 CK6 built by the legendary Kremer Racing

  • Raced in the 24 Hours of Le Mans 3 times

  • Driven by Tiff Needell, Andy Evans, Francois Migault & others

  • Restored to pristine condition


This Porsche 962CK6/09 was the ninth 962CK6 built by E & M Kremer GmbH and was originally fitted with the 3.2 litre engine Porsche had introduced for the 962C in 1985. The car, sponsored by Canada Shoes and ELF, was ready in time for the 1991 Le Mans 24 Hours in which Kremer Racing ran it for former F1-drivers Tiff Needell and Gregor Foitek, and Mexican Tomás López. However CK6/09 retired from the race after just 18 laps.

For 1992, Kremer fitted a newer, water-cooled Porsche engine in CK6/09 and fielded the car at Le Mans for Almo Coppelli, Robin Donovan and Charles Rickett. They finished 11th overall (and 4th in the C3 class for older Group C-cars), having completed 297 laps.


In 1993, CK6/09 was driven during the tradtional Le Mans Test by François Migault, Andy Evans, Steve Fossett and Patrick Camus, but for the race, Migault and Evans were to be partnered by Tomás Salndaña.
The trio completed 316 laps and finished 13th overall.
CK6/09 never raced again after that third and final Le Mans 24 Hours.

CK6/09 is now fully restored and in pristine condition wearing the stunning Hawaiian Tropic livery in which it raced in the 1992 Le Mans 24 Hours. The car is fitted with a fresh 3.2-litre water-cooled Porsche 962 engine, and is eligible not just for Peter Auto's Group C Series, but Classic Le Mans too, and would of course also be a welcome guest at other top events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Rennsport Reunion.


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